Sunshine Guojian Pharma continuously seeks the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the heart of our company’s missions. Sustainable and people-oriented development is our key policy in CSR, which guides us to focus on five major fields as below:

Establish the environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe production system in our factories;

Build the free, equitable and non-discriminatory work platform for our employees;

Extend and improve our patient’s lives;

Apply scientific rigor to produce benefit for our shareholders;

Provide the commitments of the anti-bribery and fair business mode to the regulators and society.

Preservation of Client’s IP is the No. 1 cornerstone of our business practice.

Intellectual Property Protection is the foundation of trust between Sunshine Guojian Pharma and our global customers. We have established stringent policies and procedures for IP protection and prosecution of IP violations to ensure your business success.